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We are a small none profit making kennel where all our dogs live with us within the house   


Both Clive and Nancy are Kennel Club Approved Championship Show Judges and have awarded CC's at many general & breed club shows since 1995. 

We live in the north of Gloucestershire, which is in the heart of the UK. Living only one mile from junction 9 of the M5 makes it easy access to any of the major shows in the UK.

Nancy - originates from New uCumnock, Scotland where she use to exercise 2 adult Dobermanns for familyfriends before moving into full time employment as a dental nurse. After 2 years of being a dental nurse she decided to take up a career in general nursing and started her training at Kilmarnock Royal Infirmary. After a short period at Kilmarnock she moved to the newly built North Ayrshire District Hospital and after moving down from Scotland, to take up home with Clive, continued her training at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where she qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1982. Nancy spent a short time working as a staff nurse on a medical ward at GRH. until furthering her career by training to be a Midwife. She passed her exams with flying colours and was a fully qualified midwife. Nancy continued her midwifery and nursing skills at GRH until she had an industrial accident when she received damage to her back in 1995. Unfortunately Nancy is no longer in full time employment due to the injury she sustained. Her background medical knowledge has proved to be useful when dealing with our own dogs. She has also given advice to others who have contacted us regarding possible medical problems.

Within the past 10 years Nancy's health has deteriorated so much that she now relies on Clive or close friends to assist her with the dogs so that

she can carry on her hobby of showing.


On 11th February 2013 Nancy eventually got to have her long awaited total knee replacement.  

Nancy is the current Chairperson of the South West Dobermann Club.


  Clive - is Gloucestershire born and bred being born in Stroud in the late 50s. Whilst still living at homewith his parents, Clive, grew up with a Border Collie and 4 GSDs. As a teenager he used to help out on a nearby farm and loved to watch the spring lambs being born, the cows calving and pigs farrowing. On leaving school he was offered a full time job working on a farm. This job he kept until 1989 (14 years). Being the only full time employee he was responsible for day to day running of the farm and the care ofthe animals. Again helping the different animals in time of labour, this meant checking on them at all different hours of the day and night. Sometimes it was very difficult to assist a calf when its front legs or head were presented in the wrong position. In 1981 he bought a Dobermann bitch for Nancy as a wedding gift, this was the beginning of Amazon Dobermanns.

In 1990 Clive left the farming industry to become Dog Warden for Cheltenham Borough Council, although recently his job has expanded to encompass other enforcement issues he is no longer involved with dealing with stray dogs issues due to cut backs, the council now makes use of a contractor that will only collect dogs that have been caught. The knowledge of dogs within Cheltenham has been lost ! Clive is very interested in all types of animal behaviour. This interest has been very useful when dealing with potentially dangerous dogs in his day to day job. As a Dog Warden Clive received regular calls from the police requesting advice or assistance on cases involving dogs. He is also called upon to give advice to many people who have difficulties with their own dogs if and when they request it as part of his job. Clive also worked very closely with the RSPCA and has assisted in securing successful prosecutions against people who have caused unnecessary suffering to dogsand other animals. The majority of these cases the owner or person have been banned form owning a dog or other animals ranging from 2 years - life. One of the first cases he was involved with included an adult male Dobermann that weighed only 16.2kg In the past local vets have referred local Dobermann owners who have had behavioural problems to Nancy & Clive after which there has been a successful outcome.


Clive is a KC approved judge and has awarded CC's on many occasions with his last appointment being Dobermann bitches at Crufts 2012.

Clive's last appointment was at WELKS 2013 and has a not to distant future appointment that he is looking forward to.


Clive is the former Chairman of the South West Dobermann Club and has previously been the Secretary of Cheltenham & District Canine Society.     

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